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I got married twice. Wait… didn’t you get married on 2/12/22? Yes, but I married my favorite person in the world for the first time on February 2, 2022. An elopement with just the two of us on a random Wednesday afternoon at the closest courthouse. Only a handful of people knew. It was casual, quick, and just felt…right.

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We decided to do a destination wedding very early into the planning process when we realized just how many family and friends we have and how we envisioned our wedding. While it would have been amazing to have nearly 300 guests witness one of the most important days of our lives, we simply couldn’t swing it. We’ll manifest the ability to comfortably throw a party for everyone in the future.

In November 2021, Keenan and I went to get our marriage license. With the pandemic escalating again, we realized we needed to ensure we were still able to get married if anything went wrong. We’ve always said we could just roll up to the courthouse any day because the marriage is what’s important. True. In our hearts, we were set on the date 2/12/22 but getting married in Texas was easier logistically. The requirements for a civil wedding ceremony in Mexico didn’t align with our schedules.

My person is all that matters…

Eloping at a courthouse made sense. Keenan just wanted to marry me. Period. And I’ve always pictured myself getting married at the courthouse with my person. My person is all that matters. Not the noise of a wedding production, family, friends, or outsiders. Nobody but us. So we decided 2/2/22 was the day. That day would be just for us. The wedding in Cabo San Lucas was the icing on the cake.

Wedding Day

Keenan wanted to sleep in the guest room the night before the wedding to avoid seeing the bride before the ceremony, but I pouted and got my way. I hate being away from him. He woke up first, got dressed, and kissed me on my forehead while I slept. Just like any other workday. I got up, logged onto my computer to work, and counted down the hours until 2 pm.

I did my hair and makeup, then put on my wedding day attire. A personalized sweatshirt, cargo pants, and Jordan 1 Patent Breds. Called an Uber to pick me up and recorded a short video to document the day while I waited. I met my brother at the courthouse. He attended as our only guest. This was important to us because he wouldn’t be able to make it to Mexico. It was really heartwarming to have him with us for this special moment.

Keenan rushed from work to the courthouse in record time and it was time to head upstairs. Not sure what I was expecting, but the process was seamless. One thing that stood out is there were SO many people there because it was 2/2/22. All of the other couples dressed nicely in suits and wedding dresses with bouquets. Then there was us in Jordan 1s. Sneakers on our wedding day were so authentic to us and I loved that.

Full-Circle: From the courthouse to where it all began…

After the ceremony (which took all of 5 minutes) we snapped a few more photos outside of the courthouse before heading out for our first date as a married couple. Guess where? The location of our first date! You can read more about this here, but it was such a full-circle moment to be there for this day. So much of our journey is tied to that bar. We had tacos, margaritas, and tequila shots ordered by Keenan’s best friend… all the way from Oklahoma as a surprise. She also knew because she had to get Keenan’s sneakers to him 🙂

Holding the secret for 10 days was so hard! We finally told our bridal party immediately after the wedding ceremony in Cabo. Then all 74 of our guests during Keenan’s speech at the ceremony. Everyone was so shocked. The facial expressions were priceless. My parents were so happy to see my brother with us on that special day.

We are so happy we made the decision to elope at the courthouse. It was peaceful, special, and simply…us.

All of the photos were captured by this boss of a photographer Christina Deshomme. She is always great to work with and I can recommend her to anyone in the Houston area!

Photography: Christina Deshomme // Sweatshirt: Etsy // Cargo Pants Banana Republic (Similar) // Shoes: Jordan 1 Patent Bred 

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